Engraving - Business Gifts


Our company has the service of engraving on gifts that you choose from our shop! We work with artisans who can engrave your wishes or message onto the gift you purchase.

By engraving the items you can make your gift unique and more personal and it is given a greater value to it. The person receiving the gift will not just receive an item but a personalised item, which will have their name or date of birth or a wish or the year and success for which you gave them the gift, for example. Thus, the moment he or she opens the gift , he or she will surely feel not only joy but also a pleasant surprise and satisfaction that a product was finally made just for him or her.

So give your wishes or send your message to your loved ones by engraving utilitarian, branded and prestigious objects. Engraving keeps your message unchanged and precious in time. The engraving is not altered or destroyed in time, its a long living act to your love ones. The engraving remains unchanged in time and accompanies your gift forever. Engrave a name, the initials of a name and even an entire phrase depending on the size of the item you choose.

The proposals of our company and our clients have chosen engraving in events such as:

Business Gifts

- Business gifts with engraving of the company logo and welcome greetings to junior staff,

- Office Gifts and boats/ships  with engraving for anniversaries such as five/ten years of service, promotion of an executive,

- Gifts with engraving for retirement of employee, shipping company executive, merchant shipping and army naval officer,

- Gifts engraved to company staff to celebrate an important event e.g. opening of an office abroad, a cooperation contract, business development, etc.

- Gifts engraved for participation in charitable activities by the company's staff e.g. participation in a tree planting action or environmental protection activities or actions to  reducing pollution,

- Gifts with engraving for invited guests from abroad in the context of a corporate event or a visit to Greece e.g. partners, colleagues, customers, suppliers, VIP staff,

- But also gifts that you can take with you on your trip abroad ,

-Loyalty gifts.

Participating gifts 

-Sailing boats with engraved ranking position in sailing races, 

- Gifts engraved for participation in races related to water sports e.g. jet ski races, water ski races, scuba diving.

Other engravings

- Engravings bearing the name of the ship or boat or yacht or cruiser/motor yacht, for salon decoration,

- Engravings for decoration of shops, beach cafeteria, beach bar,

Engraving can be done on almost all metal surfaces such as metal boats, press paper, silver boats.  You can call us to suggest gifts on which you can have engraving done.

Engraving cost

The cost of engraving is not significant and depends on the material being engraved and the characters. The minimum engraving cost is € 8,00. The result always compensates and gives more value to your gift!

Logos on silk

Our company cooperates with Greek silk fabric companies for the creation of corporate gifts. We can give you ideas and create with you branded silk ties and scarves from quality silk fabrics with the printing of your company logo to gift to your staff or business partners and promote and enhance your business cooperation.